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Meet Hannah Walker


Hannah K. Walker, founder of Hannah’s Hope Ministries has been working in ministry for three years. Within those years Hannah’s Hope was founded. 

Hannah was adopted from Haiti when she was eighteen months old, to two amazing parents in the state of Maine. She was raised with parents in ministry. All though Hannah never intended to work in ministry God had other plans for her life. 

When Hannah was seventeen years old she had the opportunity to go back to Haiti to meet her birth mom for the very first time. During that particular visit, God placed on her heart Hannah’s Hope Ministries.

Hannah’s Hope Ministries is now a nationwide ministry that spreads the love of God all over, by being the hands and feet of Jesus. 

Currently, Hannah’s Hope supports an orphanage in Haiti called Ruuska Village, which is the orphanage Hannah was adopted from. Ruuska Village manages a medical clinic, school for children and nannies, plus a clothing and food depot, a well providing clean water, and round-the-clock power generated on-site through a generator. In addition to these facilities, there are twenty-five individual housing units, food and non-food supply depots, a small school, a Church called Maki Island, and of course a playground for the children. 

Hannah has saved many lives by trusting and obeying God by starting this ministry. Her love, devotion and care for men, women and children nationwide has made her an extraordinary women of God. Hannah saw the need to change the lives of men, women, and children of all ages and has done just that for the past three years.

Psalm 2:8 “Ask me to give you the nations and I will do it and they shall become your legacy. Your domain will stretch to the ends of the earth.

Our Team Members

Wayne and Ginger Walker


Lead Pastors and parents of Hannah Walker 


Wayne and Ginger have been married for 32 years and have such gracious and kinds hearts! They are always serving, praying, and helping others in more ways than we can think of.

Pastor Wayne Walker has been in ministry for thirty years. He was an associate pastor at a church in Bangor Maine along with working at a group home and shelter as a Chaplin. 

Pastor Ginger Walker has been serving in ministry for forty-nine years. She has worked as Worship Leader for a church in Bangor Maine, as a Pastor, Music Teacher, missionary, and much more. 

The Walkers play a huge role in this ministry. Not just because they've been apart since before this ministry was founded, nor that they helped name it but they are the parents of Hannah Walker. 

Wayne and Ginger adopted Hannah in the year 2000. They prayed over her day in and day out everyday, that Gods will be done on her life, and boy did there prayers get answered. 

Shae Jones


Media Team Leader


Shae was born in Portland Maine in 1987. Shae is a walking miracle, since he almost died at six weeks old.

He devotes His life to making people smile. He has traveled all around the world spreading the love of God to people. He has been to Peru, Haiti, India, Switzerland, and Paraguay. 

He loves to film and listen to music. 

Bishop Steve and Chineta Yates


Board Members

Bishop Yates was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated from high school to attend Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. Once there, he met his wife Chineta. They married after graduating from the University and are the parents of four wonderful children.

Chineta achieved the distinction of a Doctor of Pharmacy and the Worship Leader, while Steve, graduating with a degree in Public Management served as minister of Evangelism at the Family Worship and Praise Center. Steve was licensed and ordained under Senior Pastor Cyrus Flanagan and in 2003 was blessed and released and began to do itinerate ministry for a year and a half.

Barbara Walker


Founder of Ruuska Village

Barbara, the founder of Ruuska Village, also known as the “Woman in Blue” because of her constant blue dresses has been working to provide basic needs to Haitians for over thirty years, and has facilitated the adoptions of over 2000 helpless children to the best loving homes possible. 

Barbara’s work includes operating Ruuska Village, a walled community in Bon Repos, Haiti , Maki Island and the Blue Escape which are all safe havens for mothers and children fleeing dangerous environments.  Barbara had no special plans for her life but lived day by day, serving those God placed on her path. Her tenacious never-back-down, never-give-up approach to finding homes for children and hope for Haitian street women has made her more than an ordinary woman. While on a short-term mission trip to Haiti, 

Barbara saw the need to change the lives of woman and children and she has done just that for over thirty years. One woman started Reach Out to Haiti, but thousands have kept it going. 

Mirlande and Lucien


Directors of Ruuska Village

Deborah Crawford


Manager of Ruuska Village

Semeion Richardson


Founder of Artist With a Purpose 

Semeion Richardson is the CEO and founder of Artist with a Purpose. Semeion has an Associate’s degree in Commercial Art and a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services.

 Semeion serves in the community doing art gallery shows, teaching art classes, volunteering, and much more. She has also collaborated Artist with a Purpose with Mount Dora Center of the Arts and Leesburg Center for the Arts, Headstart Centers, and Churches. Semeion has partnered with any CEOs, executives, and small businesses to spread the word about Mental Health through expressive art. She continues to reach out to other organizations such as Nursing Homes, Colleges, public school, foster homes, and many more to talk about mental health awareness.   

Artist With a Purpose



 Artist with a purpose was established in 2012 and continues to serve children and adults throughout the community. 

Artist with a Purpose is a mobile art business that provide serves to people that deal with mental health issues through expressive art.

Semeion was the first woman and African American to win the Gold Key award from Walt Disney for the best media art in Lake County, Florida. 

Ruuska Village


Orphanage Hannah's Hope Sponsors 

Ruuska Village manages a medical clinic, school for children and nannies, plus a clothing and food depot, a well providing clean water, and round-the-clock power generated on-site through a generator and inverters.

In addition to these facilities, there are twenty-five individual housing units, food and non-food supply depots, a small school, The Church of Viera on Maki Island, and of course a playground for the children. 

Thanks to the kindness of our donors, Ruuska has also been able to provide local children and some adults with tuition assistance for schooling. Reach Out to Haiti houses children awaiting a family both at Ruuska Village and at other locations. It operates on volunteer power and by employing local mothers. This helps the women have both a modest income and an introduction to safer child-care practices. 

I am HUEman



I am HUEman is an non-profit organization the recognizes the commonality of all men and celebrates their diversity.  OUR PURPOSE IS TO STRIVE TO PROVIDE FOOD, GOODWILL SERVICES AND HELP  PEOPLE IN NEED WHEREVER THEY ARE, AND WHENEVER THEY ARE IN NEED.
The more we serve others, the more human we become. 

Frontier Church




After serving for six years as a Staff Pastor, Steve and Chineta’s heart began to grow a new burden and vision for the city of Leesburg and all of Lake County. After submitting this vision to leadership, it was agreed to model the standard for sister churches in the same city, a city of 22,000 people. Steve and Chineta were anointed and blessed by the church to pioneer their new work in Leesburg, Florida. Thus Frontier Church was founded.

The vision of Frontier Church is to establish the largest, multicultural church, that reaches the lost, serves their community and experiences the presence of God together in unity.

As Senior Pastor of Frontier Church for six years, Bishop Yates believes in making Jesus a reality in the lives of the people. He believes in Reaching, Raising and Releasing people into the Kingdom of God. With his dynamic “line upon line”, teaching style, down to earth love of all people and biblical approach to life’s questions, his sincere desire is see people reach their full potential.

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