How can I help Hannah's Hope Ministries?

You may be wondering how you can help us. There's many ways you can help us do what God has called us to do through this ministry. 

One of the Many ways you can help us is through Sponsorship. Hannah's Hope Ministries is a nationwide ministry, that travels all over the world. 

We have many organization that we partner with or help support.  We work to spread the love of God everywhere we go.

Is God calling you to help us?


Sponsor Hannah's Hope

Sponsor Hannah's Hope Ministries


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

One amazing way you can help us bring hope and change around the world is to become a sponsor. You can become a monthly sponsor for $40 a month.

When you sponsor Hannah's Hope Your'e giving us the opportunity to help out out families in need by giving them food, laundry items, shoes, clothes and other items in need of living. 

Sponsoring H.H.M allows us the opportunity to help children all over by providing school supplies and uniforms

Maybe you wish to be a monthly donor for a smaller amount or a larger amount. You can simply go back to our Home page, click donate, choose the amount you desire to give, press "Make this a monthly donation" then you are all set.


Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Another way you can help us, is by sponsoring a child a month. 

When you sponsor a child for $35 you are giving a child the opportunity to have a bright future by sending them to school and a safe place to live at Ruuska. 

This monthly sponsorship also helps provide there school uniforms and school supplies.

You will be able to write and receive letters to the child you sponsor along with send pictures to the child.

This will be a great way to gain a new friend that becomes family and impacting one child's life by helping them have a future they wouldn't have otherwise.

Want to sponsor a child?

Contact us about sponsoring a child!

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Hannah’s Hope Ministries

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